learn how to farm runescape gold quickly

Most ways of making money in Runescape require you to actually DO something. Well those ways are lame. With this technique all you have to do is click your mouse 4 times every minute and a half and before you know it you’re making a lot of money in a little time.

Requirements: a magic level of 33 (or higher).

What to bring: As many law runes as you can get a hold of, a staff of air, some lobsters and a fire rune (just in case).

Where to go: In the northeast area of the wilderness (level 42) there is an island with two nature rune spawns. There are lesser demons around the island but they don’t bother you if don’t bother them. You can see a map of the location here.

Math Time: The nature rune spawns each have an 85 second re-spawn time. This means they re-spawn 42 times every hour.

The nature rune spawn to the left has 4 runes and the one on the right has 3 runes. So every 85 seconds you get 7 natures. Multiply this by 42 and you end up with 294 nature runes every hour.

Nature runes fetch a price of 350 runescape gp each on world one. And let’s assume you paid 500 runescape gold for each law rune you bought. The 294 natures would sell for 102900gp and when you subtract the cost of the 84 law runes (42000) from the amount received from the natures (102900) you end up with 60,900 gp. Not bad huh?

Turning 60k into 174k runescape money: The nature rune spawn time is 85 seconds, but the wait time to change worlds is only 30 seconds. So if you want to click more than 4 times every minute and a half (hard I know) and change worlds you can get as much as 840 nature runes every hour, which will bump up your profit to 174,000.

Tips: The only problem is that this all happens at level 42 wilderness. But confrontations CAN be avoided. Just check your minimap for white dots and change worlds when you see one. Don’t wait to see the person’s level; it’s not worth the risk. Also, keep your private chat off or on friends only so pk’s can’t see what world you’re on. And if worst comes to worst, you hopefully brought the lobsters and a fire rune.

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