How to Make Kinah in Aion Online

Using an Aion Kinah guide wasn't such a bad idea when the legion I wanted to join required me to have a pair of fancy expensive wings. Don't get me wrong, I usually don't use guides to play my games, but since I had butterflies in my pockets, and I didn't want to buy Kinah from the online sellers, this was the best option.

This Aion Kinah guide has taught me a multitude of ways to earn my Kinah. Here are a few of the most fruitful ones:

The Auction House

Well, it's not exactly called "The Auction House" in Aion Online, the auctioneer NPC is called a Trade Broker here. Anyway, it's just about the same as in other MMOs. So, how can one make Kinah, working with a broker? It's simple. All you need to know is what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy, then what to sell and when to sell. The Aion Kinah guide has given me all the answers to these questions, and if I want to make my quick cash just by spending time at the brokers, it doesn't even take too much time.


In Aion Online, grinding on various creatures for their loot is quite profitable. But for this to work, you must know what mobs to kill, otherwise you're wasting time on non-profitable mobs. This great Aion Kinah guide pointed me in the right directions (many directions) to make nice Kinah by grinding.


Gathering resources in Aion Online can be very profitable as all of them are needed by players for the equipment, enchantments, potions or other stuff. Gathering is always a good method to combine with your grinding to maximize profits. The Aion Kinah guide I've been working with showed me the best places to get my Aether and other expensive resources.
All in all, the Aion Kinah guide I've been working with not only to get my fancy wings but, well, to become rich, is quite good.
Therefore, if the Kinah you have is not enough for whatever expensive item you want in Aion online, I strongly

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